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Extending Access to your Media

Having all your media in one place is great but what happens when you want to watch in a different room or even while you are away from home. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to set the recording you forgot to do before you went to work.

Xbox 360 Extender

    If you simply want to share your media with the kids or another room then Microsoft provide “Extender” technology. Simply by adding a remote control, downloading some software and networking an Xbox 360 Premium to your Media Center you can share your media.


Remote Access

    If you’ve ever forgotten to record a programme you’ll know how useful it would be to get access to your recorder from the office or perhaps even from an internet cafe. All it requires to add this functionality to your Media Center is a small piece of software and some setting up. GiGTEK can help you set this up on your own Media Center then all you need is access to the internet and you can programme your Media Center and even watch what you’ve recorded.

Other Devices

    Now you can even access your Media Center from certain models of mobile phone and PDA. More than ever before access to your media is just a click or even call away.


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