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GiGTEK Hi-Fi Media Center

The GiGTEK Hi-Fi Media Center is a true media computer for the discerning PC user. Designed from the outset to add media computing capability to your existing Hi-Fi or Home Cinema.

Style and Function

    For too long functionality has led the way in PC style. With a GiGTEK Media Center both style and function take equal shares. You get a choice of top quality case some even having an option of either black or silver to match your existing components. A powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor is backed up by at least 1Gb of fast memory and a very quiet and speedy 320Gb hard disk. For maximum compatibility you can read and write both CD and DVD format disks. You can record and pause live television and with a 320Gb hard Disk you can record hours and hours. Using wireless technology to connect the keyboard and mouse and even optional printer means there are no wires to worry about. Style and function come together in a GiGTEK Media Center the ultimate in media computing.



  • High Quality Aluminium Case (Black/Silver)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor
  • Intel ViiV Compatible components
  • 1Gb Memory
  • 320 Gb Fast and Quiet Hard Disk
  • Dual DVD/CD Re-Writer
  • Twin Freeview Digital TV Tuners
  • Remote Control Handset
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse,
  • Microsoft Vista Home Premium
  • Internet Security Software
  • Full 1 year warranty with optional 3 years

To purchase your Media Center see www.mediacomputers.co.uk