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Wirefree Computing

Whether you just want to connect to the Internet or share your media between a number of different PCs networking is your main priority.

Wireless Networking

    Your GiGTEK Media Center is available with wireless networking built in. Using the industry standard 802.11g high performance wireless networking protocol means that your Media Center can join in your home’s wireless network. Using a broadband gateway your connection to the Internet will be at superfast speeds ensuring you can really enjoy the rich media now available directly on the Internet.



Powerline Networking

    For some customers wireless networking is not the ideal answer. For these people powerline networking may be the answer. This uses the standard mains power cables within a home to connect your various devices. A powerline connector goes between your normal socket and a standard ethernet connection. Speeds in excess of those normally available through standard wireless connections. It is even possible to stream high definition media across this type of network.



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