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GiGTEK PC Media Centers

If your needs are for a more conventional PC with Media Center capabilities then the GiGTEK PC MEdia Center is for you.

Quieter than the average PC

    We take our standard specification Hi-Fi Media Center and change the case for a standard PC style midi-tower case. Being used as a Media Center still means that noise is an issue so we produce a very quiet PC that can sit in the bedroom or study without sounding like a helicopter. Being a standard case you have the normal expansion options expected of any under desk PC. Attach it to your standard PC Display or even a HDTV, again the choice is yours. For audio you get full surround sound output either analogue or digital to connect to your surround sound amplifier.


  • High Quality Case (Silver/White)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor
  • Intel ViiV Compatible components
  • 1Gb Memory
  • 320 Gb Fast and Quiet Hard Disk
  • Dual DVD/CD Re-Writer
  • Twin Freeview Digital TV Tuners
  • Remote Control Handset
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse,
  • Microsoft Vista Home Premium
  • Internet Security Software
  • Full 1 year warranty with optional 3 years

To purchase your Media Center see www.mediacomputers.co.uk