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A Media Center from GiGTEK provides a one-stop solution for all your media and computing requirements in one living room friendly package. You may also hear a Media Center referred to as an Entertainment PC, a Living Room PC or a Media PC. No more ugly beige boxes, no more fans noisier than helicopters, no more being exiled to a bedroom to use the PC. A Media Center is a complete media solution controlled by a remote control that anyone can use easily. Plug it into your TV or projector and you can watch and record digital television and radio, manage and play all your audio CDs and MP3 files, sort and view your digital photos, video conference with friends and colleagues, burn CDs and DVDs, play the latest PC games, surf the internet, make and answer emails, all from the convenience of your living room.

A true Media Center has two essential components not found on ordinary PCs. The first is a remote control that allows the PC to be controlled in much the same way as a TV, DVD player or video recorder. The second and equally important component is a menu driven interface that allows the remote control to access all the media functions of the PC.

A GiGTEK Media Center is complete media computing in one box, one stop, full stop.


All Your Media

A Media Center can play all your media; DVDs, CDs, TV, Radio, Digital Photos, Home Videos and  And of course it’s still a PC at heart so you can do all the things you would normally do with a PC; surf the internet, email, office tasks, play games and even the kids homework.



A Media Center allows you to create your own Jukebox. Copy your CDs to the hard disk and create a searchable list of all your music. Create playlists of your favourite music that you can replay whenever you want. You can even create your own collections and burn them to CD for use in another CD player or even in the car.



A Media PC gives you all the functionality of a Personal Video Recorder. With a digital TV tuner installed you can watch up to 30 TV channels, listen to over 20 radio channels, pause live TV, record your favourite programmes on TV to watch later and plan your watching with a 7-day electronic programme guide (EPG).



Digital cameras are one of the must haves of the 21st Century but how often do you look at the photos. Copy them to your Media PC and they are available to watch anytime. You can even run a slide show with some background music from your jukebox.



Watching DVDs in surround sound is easy with a Media Center. Copying your DVDs to your computer’s hard disk makes them instantly available. You can also create a library of all your videos and DVDs making choosing what to watch that much easier. Home videos can also be copied to watch and even edit them with ease.



You can add extra facilities to your Media Center as well. There is a whole community of developers creating plug-ins that add functionality to your Media Center. Such things as a weather forecast module letting you see the next 5 days forecast, see who’s calling on the phone with caller id and a host of other useful additions.