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Wirefree Computing

When designing our Media Centers we came to the conclusion that no-one would want a spaghetti of wires trailing all over their living room. Therefore the only choice we had was to go completely wireless. This meant not just the keyboard and mouse but every other peripheral we could think of. If you need it we can even supply wireless printers.

 Wireless Peripherals

    Each GiGTEK Media Center comes with a wireless keyboard, and remote control. With Windows Vista Home Premium you can remotely command today’s PC digital media interface to enjoy your favourite television programmes, DVDs, pictures and musical selections.

    Wireless Gaming

    If gaming is your thing to ensure a wire free experience we even add a wireless Joystick and Gamepad. Both of these gaming peripherals will operate at a range of up to 6 metres and run for 50 hours on one set of batteries. The innovative design of the Joystick features an aluminium trigger and throttle and a heavy rubber base. It also includes a twist handle for precise rudder control, ten programmable buttons and 8-way hat switch. The wireless Gamepad features vibration feedback, dual analog mini joysticks, an 8-way digital D-pad and a throttle control.

Bluetooth® Connectivity

    Adding a Bluetooth wireless hub to your GiGTEK Media Center makes your PC Bluetooth enabled, letting you do voice instant messaging with the included Bluetooth headset and exchange data between your Bluetooth PDA, and your PC. If you have a suitably equipped mobile phone you can even connect this into your Bluetooth network to send and receive text messages, photos and MMS from your MC Ultimate.

To purchase your Media Center see www.mediacomputers.co.uk